Zach Trebino

In an homage to Burden’s performance Jaizu, I deliver the lecture while wearing sunglasses coated with black construction paper, so that I can not see or read my notes (despite referring to them consistently throughout the lecture).

While lecturing, I repeatedly hit my face into a series of blank canvases, rendering them a blood-laden, paltry imitation of an action painting.

h i s t o r y
Spring 2015: Towson University (Towson, MD)

Fall 2017: Avant-Yard Lecture Series (Philadelphia, PA)

A C T I O N !
is a performance-lecture on the work of Chris Burden, focusing specifically on his minimalist focus on a single performative action, his antagonism toward reified art contexts, and the spectatorial double bind created by his work. 

Zach Trebino

Philadelphia, PA --> Los Angeles, CA