Zach Trebino

c o n t i n u a n c e
is a short contemporary verse play about survival in the face of catastrophe.

s y n o p s i s
Amid a dystopian landscape, a mother recounts her son’s conception through an elaborate role-play in which she portrays the man who impregnated her and the son portrays his mother.

h i s t o r y
Fall 2010: Published in Black Box Literary Magazine

Spring 2011: Published in Muses Literary Magazine

Fall 2011: New Voices Festival, Muhlenberg College (Allentown, PA)

The premiere production had the following team:

w r i t t e n  b y
zach trebino

d i r e c t i o n
vanessa lancelotti

s c e n o g r a p h y
tim averill

c o s t u m e s
lex gurst

f e a t u r i n g
sophie hirsh
kevin mitchell
caitlin o’meally
photos by ken ek

Zach Trebino

Philadelphia, PA --> Los Angeles, CA