Zach Trebino

t h e  h i e r o p h a n t s
is an ensemble-created abstraction of the relationship between religious & sexual persecution, BDSM, & ecstatic experience; it is loosely based on the story of The Convulsionnaires of Saint-  Médard.

m e t h o d s
Under my direction, the ensemble developed an original codified gestural language, using the Delsarte System and the Natya Shastra as points of origin. Then, we established a variety of arcehtypical identities based on the story of the The Convulsionnaires of Saint-  Médard and concocted scenarios rife for exploration via these archetypical identities and our newly developed codified gestural language. The final result was less a finished work of theatre and more of a demonstration of process, as my focus was establishing a new method for the generation of collaborative and devised theatre.

c r e a t i o n  &
p e r f o r m a n c e

zoe jenkins
nick maka
melissa pough
rosa tellez
brennan walker
kathleen whitby

d i r e c t i o n
zach trebino

s c e n o g r a p h y
zach trebino

h i s t o r y
Winter/Spring 2015: developed over 6 months at Towson University (Towson, MD)

Zach Trebino

Philadelphia, PA --> Los Angeles, CA