the pains of capitalism  is a participatory public performance. 

i stand in a public space with a cardboard sign reading “pay me to hurt me”.

the sign lists various body parts with prices (limbs - $5, chest - $10, abdomen $15, head - $20) and various actions and their prices (slap - $5, punch - $10, kick - $15).

in each instance, i remained in the public space until 8 hours had passed, i was removed by the police, or i was too injured to continue.

the performance was never documented deliberately, though i am confident that footage taken by bystanders exists and can be found with some internet sleuthing.

it was performed between may 2015 and may 2017 in Baltimore, MD; Boulder, CO; Denver, CO; New York, NY; and Philadelphia, PA.

barbara kruger, i shop therefore i am, 1990