Zach Trebino

w o y z e c k
is georg büchner‘s fragmentary masterpiece about lowly soldier franz woyzeck who - having been subject to medical experiments and emotional torture at the hands of his army doctor and captain - suffers a psychotic break and slaughters his common law wife.

t r a n s l a t i o n
&  a d a p t a t i o n

zach trebino

d i r e c t i o n
zach trebino

s e t
emily baldasarra
& zach trebino

l i g h t s
ryan killeen

c o s t u m e s 
& m a k e u p
angela palaggi

s o u n d
zach trebino

c a s t
matt austin
paul bayley
eleonore condo
louisa debutts
madison ferris
jared fleischman
sophie hirsh
jessica joy
m. lord
patrick mctamany
sara newman
patrick scheid
samantha turret
kayla weinerman
john wentworth

p r o d u c e d  b y
anna condo & george condo

p r e s s
communications from the international brecht society

h i s t o r y
Spring 2011: Muhlenberg College Black Box

Fall 2011: Philladlphia International Fringe Festival @ Crane Arts

Zach Trebino

Philadelphia, PA --> Los Angeles, CA